For me, birth work isn't "work."

It's my passion.

My name is Vanessa Hawke, and I live in Southington, Connecticut. In no particular order, I'm a doula, a birth educator, an introvert, a feminist, a mama, a highly sensitive person, and a wife. I discovered my passion for supporting birthing families as I was preparing to bring my own child into the world. I battled severe anxiety and depression throughout pregnancy, and my birth experience was nothing like I planned. We were far away from our family and friends, and it was really hard not having a support system in place when things got rough, but we got through it.  I found empowerment and untapped strength in becoming a mother, and I realized that I wanted to help other parents find that, too. 

When I'm not doing birth-y things, you can find me updating our house, snuggling with my toddler, playing board games with my husband, or drinking wine and watching Netflix. I love karaoke, musical theater, and making people laugh - in another life, I think I would have been on Broadway. Hidden talents include recognizing random actors in tiny roles in the beginning of their careers and choosing the perfect gif comment. I have been called a “birth cheerleader” (a badge I wear proudly) and I can be characterized by my deep and abiding love for coffee, sarcasm, and spending time with people I love. 

Photograph by: Jeff Evans

Photograph by: Jeff Evans


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